Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lesson 3: Many Dimensions - DEGREES OF FREEDOM

In the last post I discussed and presented two video animations that illustrate one way of visualizing and understanding a cosmos of 10 dimensions. Understanding multiple dimensions can take many on aspects. For example, the 4th dimension we call "time" can better be described as "duration". The 5th dimension can better be described as every probability that can exist. With these two aspects we can understand that as we move within the 4th and 5th dimensions we are experiencing new probabilities becoming realities in succession - Rather like a flip book animation where you can leave one animation and go into another. Our choices make probabilities actualized. While some may argue that every possibility actually exists, I differ. I do not think that every possibility - every collapsed wave function - must exist. Only those we are experiencing by choice.

Another way of understanding the multi-dimension cosmos we live in is to see additional dimensions as adding increased degrees of freedom available to us.

In the following illustrations we will imagine ourselves as pedestrians in a forest. Just as we are now, we experience reality embedded and moving forward within the forest. The forest represents the Three dimensions of space we are all familiar with. In this forest we are always moving. We experience this forest as we move through it. We can change course and create a new path if we wish but we cannot see what exists down the path we left nor can we backtrack and return to the path we were once on. This is a function of being limited to "forward duration" or what we call "time". We have unlimited choices but once we make a choice, that choice determines our experience and there is no way to reverse course or simply leap to a different path with a completely different experience.

So from our perspective of living in four dimensions we make choices but those choices are irreversible. We move forward through the forest and we can never "know" other possibilities without making one of them a reality.

Adding one more dimension - a fifth - gives us a greater degree of freedom. Now , we can actually backtrack down a path we do not like and select another one. However, this means entering what is called "anti-time". And we will experience time flowing backwards until we reach the point we wish to change course.

Adding another dimension - a sixth - gives us even greater freedom. Now we have a map of the entire forest and can flit from one point to another at will. We can experience every possibility that could exist within our forest.

If I were to live within seven dimensions I would still have a map of my forest but also be able to select a path leading away from my forest to another forest. Even though I now am able to know that there are many more forests than my own, I can only travel to one forest at a time and I cannot suddenly decide to change course to another forest since I have no idea how to get to them.

If I were able to live within Eight dimensions I could not only travel to one of those forests, but now I would experience the ability to change course and create new paths to other forests as well. I could change paths at will and know absolutely where they lead.

If I were able to exist in Nine dimensions I would have a map of all the forests and all the possible paths and be able to flit from one place to another at will - from one forest to another.

The tenth dimension not only gives me greater freedom and knowledge but infinite knowledge and freedom. The 10th dimension is the total of every path and every tree in every forest and every possibility. It is the sum total of everything. The tenth dimension is a point of infinite and indeterminable size - just like the first dimension which is also a point of indeterminate size. However a 1-dimensional point encompasses nothing while the10-dimension point encompasses everything and all possibilities.

I place God in and above the tenth dimension.

We can now better visualize how much power, knowledge and freedom even adding one extra dimension gives us..rather like Dr. Quantum was in relation to the Flatlander in the earlier video.

Next post I will begin discussing the "computational" or "informational" nature of reality. This one will be very interesting indeed!!!

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  1. I find your illustrations of 10 dimensions very interesting. Tell me, in context of our accepting God's will and in view of the idea of free will what is the motivation to move among the dimensions- God's our mine?