Monday, May 2, 2011


It is time to start peeling the onion away and reveal what sort of cosmos we live in.

The nature of Quantum Physics has shown that there are as many as ten dimensions.

The math proves it.

It is absolutely real.

In previous posts I've shown that we now suspect that our current universe is a holographic image that we are embedded within. We know that we are situated in the exact center between the very large and the very small. We have discovered that we are very likely two-dimensional 'holo-beings' being projected from higher dimensions and we are experiencing our reality as a three dimensional universe. We have learned about 'Entanglement' or the what could be described as the 'connectedness of all things'. We have learned that the universe only exists because someone is observing it and that by our observations we are participating in the creation of our universe with one another and God.

But how many dimensions are there? What is Time? Is Time a dimension as Einstein proposed? If we are in three dimensions, where is God? Is He in another higher dimension altogether or, as the Scriptures say, is He everywhere? How is that even possible? What extra abilities and powers would gaining even one higher dimension provide you?

We are about to take a journey into the multi-dimensionality of reality. Buckle your seats belts because this one is going to blow your mind! The videos below will introduce you to the concepts of dimensionality. At first glance this may seem too daunting and too hard to grasp because it is indeed hard for three dimensional beings like ourselves to even imagine higher dimensions - just as it was hard for the Flatlander to imagine three dimensions in the earlier Flatlander video of an earlier blog post. However, there are simple mathematical illustrations that can greatly help us visualize such a construct.

After watching these, I recommend that you watch them again and again. Eventually you will begin to grasp the incredible enormity of what is being described.

You are about to witness the amazing reality of a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Just remember that each dimension 'above' the one 'below' it provides the being who can live there some very powerful advantages! To bring this "down to earth" as they say,  you should realize that you will one day personally experience these higher dimensions once you "leave the hologram"...or what we mistakenly call 'dying'.

Time to let all of this sink in...

We will discuss the amazing and awesome consequences of this revelation starting in the next blog post.

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