Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lesson 3: Many Dimensions - DEGREES OF FREEDOM

In the last post I discussed and presented two video animations that illustrate one way of visualizing and understanding a cosmos of 10 dimensions. Understanding multiple dimensions can take many on aspects. For example, the 4th dimension we call "time" can better be described as "duration". The 5th dimension can better be described as every probability that can exist. With these two aspects we can understand that as we move within the 4th and 5th dimensions we are experiencing new probabilities becoming realities in succession - Rather like a flip book animation where you can leave one animation and go into another. Our choices make probabilities actualized. While some may argue that every possibility actually exists, I differ. I do not think that every possibility - every collapsed wave function - must exist. Only those we are experiencing by choice.

Another way of understanding the multi-dimension cosmos we live in is to see additional dimensions as adding increased degrees of freedom available to us.

In the following illustrations we will imagine ourselves as pedestrians in a forest. Just as we are now, we experience reality embedded and moving forward within the forest. The forest represents the Three dimensions of space we are all familiar with. In this forest we are always moving. We experience this forest as we move through it. We can change course and create a new path if we wish but we cannot see what exists down the path we left nor can we backtrack and return to the path we were once on. This is a function of being limited to "forward duration" or what we call "time". We have unlimited choices but once we make a choice, that choice determines our experience and there is no way to reverse course or simply leap to a different path with a completely different experience.

So from our perspective of living in four dimensions we make choices but those choices are irreversible. We move forward through the forest and we can never "know" other possibilities without making one of them a reality.

Adding one more dimension - a fifth - gives us a greater degree of freedom. Now , we can actually backtrack down a path we do not like and select another one. However, this means entering what is called "anti-time". And we will experience time flowing backwards until we reach the point we wish to change course.

Adding another dimension - a sixth - gives us even greater freedom. Now we have a map of the entire forest and can flit from one point to another at will. We can experience every possibility that could exist within our forest.

If I were to live within seven dimensions I would still have a map of my forest but also be able to select a path leading away from my forest to another forest. Even though I now am able to know that there are many more forests than my own, I can only travel to one forest at a time and I cannot suddenly decide to change course to another forest since I have no idea how to get to them.

If I were able to live within Eight dimensions I could not only travel to one of those forests, but now I would experience the ability to change course and create new paths to other forests as well. I could change paths at will and know absolutely where they lead.

If I were able to exist in Nine dimensions I would have a map of all the forests and all the possible paths and be able to flit from one place to another at will - from one forest to another.

The tenth dimension not only gives me greater freedom and knowledge but infinite knowledge and freedom. The 10th dimension is the total of every path and every tree in every forest and every possibility. It is the sum total of everything. The tenth dimension is a point of infinite and indeterminable size - just like the first dimension which is also a point of indeterminate size. However a 1-dimensional point encompasses nothing while the10-dimension point encompasses everything and all possibilities.

I place God in and above the tenth dimension.

We can now better visualize how much power, knowledge and freedom even adding one extra dimension gives us..rather like Dr. Quantum was in relation to the Flatlander in the earlier video.

Next post I will begin discussing the "computational" or "informational" nature of reality. This one will be very interesting indeed!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


It is time to start peeling the onion away and reveal what sort of cosmos we live in.

The nature of Quantum Physics has shown that there are as many as ten dimensions.

The math proves it.

It is absolutely real.

In previous posts I've shown that we now suspect that our current universe is a holographic image that we are embedded within. We know that we are situated in the exact center between the very large and the very small. We have discovered that we are very likely two-dimensional 'holo-beings' being projected from higher dimensions and we are experiencing our reality as a three dimensional universe. We have learned about 'Entanglement' or the what could be described as the 'connectedness of all things'. We have learned that the universe only exists because someone is observing it and that by our observations we are participating in the creation of our universe with one another and God.

But how many dimensions are there? What is Time? Is Time a dimension as Einstein proposed? If we are in three dimensions, where is God? Is He in another higher dimension altogether or, as the Scriptures say, is He everywhere? How is that even possible? What extra abilities and powers would gaining even one higher dimension provide you?

We are about to take a journey into the multi-dimensionality of reality. Buckle your seats belts because this one is going to blow your mind! The videos below will introduce you to the concepts of dimensionality. At first glance this may seem too daunting and too hard to grasp because it is indeed hard for three dimensional beings like ourselves to even imagine higher dimensions - just as it was hard for the Flatlander to imagine three dimensions in the earlier Flatlander video of an earlier blog post. However, there are simple mathematical illustrations that can greatly help us visualize such a construct.

After watching these, I recommend that you watch them again and again. Eventually you will begin to grasp the incredible enormity of what is being described.

You are about to witness the amazing reality of a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Just remember that each dimension 'above' the one 'below' it provides the being who can live there some very powerful advantages! To bring this "down to earth" as they say,  you should realize that you will one day personally experience these higher dimensions once you "leave the hologram"...or what we mistakenly call 'dying'.

Time to let all of this sink in...

We will discuss the amazing and awesome consequences of this revelation starting in the next blog post.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where is all this going?

Some of you who may be wondering where all this talk of holograms and multiple dimensions and computational universes is going. "What relevance is this to my life?" you may be asking. Does any of this science matter to how I live my life and what does it mean to know any of this?

Let me ask you this question in return: What relevance does understanding the law of gravity mean to you? The answer is that it keeps you from foolishly jumping off a cliff or avoiding dangers. It helps you do things like playing basketball or learning to fly.

Understanding the nature of our reality plays an active role in how we live our lives. If we understand how compound interest works we can make money. If we understand how inertia works we can drive our cars safely. If we understand how the basics of how water flows we can create plumbing, waterfalls, etc. So, knowing how reality works - at least the basics - gives us the power to live creatively, safely and successfully in this world.

When it comes to the ideas that I've presented here the problem is that they can be so complex and seemingly so illogical and so detached from our everyday lives that they are rarely taught in school.  We therefore live our lives oblivious to them even though they affect us in very powerful and intimate ways.

God wants us to be able to dominate our environment and be successful and fruitful and full of joy. But can we be joyful when we are struggling to make ends meet? Can we be powerful when the world's system is constantly trying to rip that power from us? Can we be successful when it seems life is out to take away that success at every turn?

In short what all this is leading to is learning that God has given us power to make this universe work for us. We are here because he wants us to be successful, and fruitful and joyful. Clearly the world is missing something. It is full of misery and failure and fear. If you want to escape this worlds failed way of doing things you need to know hat your alternatives are. Well, God has provided the alternatives in the nature of the universe he's placed us in and in His  Word, he has given us information. And Information - if used - IS power. Power to liberate mankind from poverty and lack. Power to make dreams come true. Power to heal sickness and disease. Power to live long, healthy, fruitful, successful lives. Power to have joy in any situation.

In the beginning God made us to have dominion over the environment. Adam and Eve and their descendants were meant to rule and reign the earth and have all they needed. But Eve believed the lie that God was trying to short-change them and keep them from secrets that give make them the very thing that God had already given them. Lucifer, that wicked angel, wanted dominion over the world that God had taken from him when he rebelled. He wanted to be worshiped as God. Tricking us was how he intended to get his authority and power back. By handing over our dominion to him we also handed over our eternal life, our freedom, power, success, and joy. Instead we became slaves to ourselves and eventually slaves to other humans and to Lucifer and his evil system of ignorance and violence and fear. Being cut off from God meant we then had to find new sources to survive.We now had to operate from a foundation of lack and limitation. No longer were we connected to an inexhaustible supply of whatever we needed. The world grew up believing that taking from others and hoarding and enslaving others and being greedy was how one could "make a living" and escape the struggle of survival...and It still does.

But as we look around us today, that system is failing and crumbling.

From the very start God had a plan to get us out of this sad place. He came into our world Himself to teach us through example how it is done and what authority and power we have available to us. First, he had to make us uncorrupted and re-connect us with God who is the source of all life. He did that while being nailed to a tree and then showing us that death no longer had any hold over us by being resurrected in a human body. With incredible that act of love, we regained our connection to our Source and regained our authority for dominion, power, success, fruitfulness and joy.

Sadly most of the world is still living in the old system of survival and struggle and fear. They do so out of ignorance and unbelief. Up until recently even science was of no help, but in the last few decades discoveries in science have changed all that. What has been revealed is a universe designed for us to make our dreams come true! God wants us, his children, to be successful and prosperous in every aspect of our lives!

God wants us to be a a sign and hope that there is a better way. Struggle and lack and poverty and fear are unnecessary. We are meant to dominate the universe - not one another. In a holographic reality there is no limit to wealth and prosperity. God is infinite. Jesus demonstrated this principle over and over again, and he didn't do it to show off. he did it to teach us that in reality, whatever we need is available from God is we will just ask...and BELIEVE!

So, I am here to help you to believe. You are supposed to be wealthy and prosperous and successful in everything you do. You have the opportunity to change your life. So bear with me as I set the ground rules. It may seem complicated at times but you can understand it enough to realize that this is not magic...it is not wishful thinking...it is not fantasy.  It is how the very fabric of reality and our minds were made to work. We need to renew our minds and start thinking and seeing things very differently than we have been taught from birth.

So, follow me as I take you into realms of possibilities undreamed of and show you the way to start living how God intended!

THAT, my friends, is were we are going!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter: Death & Life in the Holographic Computational Universe

Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian faith. During these four days and for many afterwards, Yeshua (Jesus) who claimed and demonstrated that he was in fact God in the flesh, gave his life as a sacrifice to redeem humanity from the darkness of being cut off from God. Then, after going into hell and recovering to life those that were there because of unredeemed sin, his body was resurrected into our world. After being seen and meeting with many followers and his twelve disciples, he left this universe and returned to the place where God dwells where he now acts as our High Priest and is preparing a new universe for us to live in after he returns soon to cleanse the earth of the corruption is has labored under for so long.

This is the Easter story that we all know and that the scriptures describe.

But to many this sounds fantastic and unbelievable.  The very idea that a God could (or would) become a man, never mind being executed in the one of the most brutal and gruesome ways possible and THEN coming back to life! Such a scenario seems so fantastic as to be very hard to believe. Why is that? It is because we have not experienced such a thing in our daily lives and these things seem to violate the principle that 1) Gods do not become men, and 2) Dead men do not come back to life!, and finally 3) One person cannot save all people everywhere throughout time through his death.

But lets look at this entire scenario in the context of what we have learned about the nature of reality.

We have discovered that there is a strong likelihood that we live in a two-dimensional holographic animated image (what I like to call a holomovement). This image or universe we experience is being projected from beyond the horizon of our universe from some light source ("God"). We have learned that both God and ourselves are participating together in the creation of this hologram by the act of observing it and giving it meaning. If we are indeed beings of light existing within a holographic reality being projected from God (who is called  "the Father of Lights" in scripture), and we are helping to shape our reality by observing it, then such an idea as a "resurrection" is not impossible or crazy after all. The incarnation of God as Yeshua was God simply extending part of himself into our reality (similar to Doctor Quantum extending himself into Flatland) in order to remove the corruption of his light-children. Death is nothing more than "leaving the hologram" or simply changing location (what out Flatlander experienced when leaving Flatland). No one is extinguished. No one actually "dies". Things die. People do not. The act of restoring our connection with God was simply fixing the corrupted nature of the hologram and the program which we are currently running in.

The idea that we are programs running in a holographic photonic (light-based) quantum computer is a plausible one and likely one as well. We haven't covered this subject yet so some of these ideas may seem far-fetched and complicated but they are quite logical and science is moving quickly to explain that the universe is exactly this: a Quantum Photonic Holographic Program and we are ourselves highly complex quantum programs. This program is a holomovement projected onto a two-dimensional surface (the universe) and we are seeing ourselves as three-dimensional entities in a three-dimensional reality - like all holograms do.

So, what Jesus did was 1) enter the hologram 2) teach us how the holographic program works and how we are to use it 3) teach us about the connectedness (or "entanglement" - remember this?) of all things including all humans and 4) patched the corrupted information that was us and then he 5) restored our place as masters of this universe and God's sons and daughters with the powers and authority that we were meant to have. The idea of "death" - or extinguishing of existence - has been eliminated and eternal existence restored to us as God's children. Jesus was a new "human" that was uncorrupted and able to fix the broken program. He was the only one. God had to do it himself. We could not - which is why "religion" is unworkable. No human could have fixed what was corrupted since we were all corrupted ourselves.

Some of you may wonder where all of this computer terminology comes from, and I will be getting to all of this soon, but rest assured that more and more reputable scientists are beginning to suspect that we live in a quantum computational reality...that we are essentially programs within a program and that each "atom" is merely a computation of 1 or 0 (just as all programs are). In fact, all of reality is just the processing information, which means we live in a magnificent holographic simulation and God is the supreme programmer, artist, inventor and creator... and He is our "Father" because we are made in His image. We look and behave and have the same basic attributes He does. Jesus is God and He is also human. He has made us - his brothers and sisters - to share the same attributes and powers that He has. It's just that we have been lost for so long that few of us realize this and even know what this means for our lives.

What Jesus did was restore our communication with the Creator, restore our knowledge of who and what we are, patch our corrupted programs (those who desire to be restored) and restore our destiny to exist beyond the hologram at some future date when God creates a new universe for us to live in. In fact, He is probably creating many, many new universes ( or "mansions" as Jesus called them).

So Easter is not simply a fantastic fantasy story of magic and impossibilities but a very logical and likely and necessary act to fix a broken situation.

Jesus deserves our everlasting thanks, gratitude, praise and worship. We have been restored to rule all that our Father has made. We are no longer lost victims but everlasting light-beings who were born to co-create and co-rule all of creation.

And this is what Easter is all about!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Before I move into the realm of multiple dimensions, I've stumbled upon a series of animated videos that will introduce you to the weird world of Quantum Physics. Now, before you think "this is way above my head" and turn away, remember that this is the universe God has placed you in and he has given you a brain to understand it. Seek the Holy Spirit's help and use your brain. You can get this. But if it still seems hard to grasp, remember that physicists find it hard to grasp as well.

This first video describes what led to the discovery that the universe is behaving in a way that defies logic. It seems as though God is creating this reality and we are participating with him in this creation. This is because we are made in God's image and have the same innate abilities he does. The famous "Double-Slit Experiment" demonstrates this participatory principle.

As if that weirdness wasn't enough, there is more. Not only do particles behave the way we want them to, but they are entangled with one another. Another defiance of logic, and yet this is how reality actually behaves.

And now that we've entered the realm of quantum weirdness and are about to enter the even more strange cosmos of multiple dimensionality, lets let Dr. Quantum show is Flatland - a world of openly two dimensions. This will help prepare us for locating ourselves in this 11 dimension cosmos with ourselves in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Enjoy!

After seeing that I hope you will see why God is able to be closer to us than we are to ourselves. We see how it's possible for Jesus to walk through walls and for some of the early believers to be taken from one location on Earth to another instantly without traveling the distance. We can see how perhaps angels see us. We should see ourselves this way too and know that when we leave this hologram of limited dimensional experience (what we call "death") we will see what is really possible and what "reality" really is - just a slice of a larger dimensional reality...just like this Flatlander did!


Saturday, April 16, 2011



Thanks to God!
It seems my sinus infection is subsiding and now I'm able to post my blog without feeling like I have to pass out. I know I have my healing, but sometimes is takes time to manifest itself. Not everything happens instantly. In fact most things don't happen instantly. It has been said that time is a away for the universe to prevent everything from happening at once. In fact what we experience and call "Time" is actually merely an experience...a perception. It is though we are experiencing a flip-book animation (we call reality). It seems that things are moving and there is a consistent flow of moment to moment - where all moments are just a segment of a larger real experience, but in fact reality is actually tiny tiny fragments called plank lengths. So time is reality an illusion, There is no then and now and later. There is only "Now". And this is what God experiences. Just a "Now". "Time" exists for our benefit so we can experience cause and effect and evolve ourselves into that which God has desired for each of us. Of course each of us chooses to make that journey or not, but evolving character is the purpose of this life. And as we use "time" and it's benefits, we either become more like God or not. This, then is the reality of God School.
We have been in class since we were born.
But not everyone chooses to graduate.

The lessons of Time and it's reality will be discussed in a later blog. This time I want to continue to show you where we are in this amazing universe.
In the last segment you were asked to watch two videos that demonstrated very graphically where we are in scale to the very large. Now lets go in the other direction. Down to the the smallest of the smallest. Down to the universe of the tiny. Although the the trip to the edge of the visible universe can leave one feeling insignificant and tiny and absolutely dwarfed, it cannot tell us who or what we are. This revelation can only be found when we look down down down to the very fabric of reality itself. Much like viewing a large pointillist painting from across the room , you see an amazing picture of color and shadow and substance and a context that is human and understandable. But as you move closer...and closer...and closer...you begin to notice that not only is the context dissolving along with the colors and shadows and substances...but you begin to suspect that the nature of what you were observing was illusion. In fact when you get very close to the canvas you notice that the reality is that the painting is merely a collection of colored dots that seem irreducibly random. The beautiful human scene is completely gone and in it's place is a jumble of points. This is both very unsettling for it means that the nature of the larger image is just illusion, and yet it is comforting to realize that these points were not placed there randomly but quite intentionally and carefully planned by someone who saw this entire larger contextual scene in his imagination before brush was ever applied to canvas.

When we were in school we all learned that the world is made up of atoms. We learned that an atom is made up of three things: electrons, neutrons and protons. We learned that the protons and neutrons form the nucleus of all atoms. We learned that the electrons are tiny little balls that whiz around the nucleus made up of these neutrons and protons. But like the pointillist painting, this reality is an illusion. These objects are not really objects at all but are made up of even tinier sub-particles called "Quarks" which themselves are made up of packets of energy that wiggle and flit about moving in and out of multiple dimensions. In fact the electrons which we see whizzing about the nucleus are not actually small balls at all but a fuzzy "cloud" of energy that seems to be in all places simultaneously. Zooming into this cloud we notice that its only fuzzy because the electrons are actually flitting in and out of our universe and appearing in two different places around the nucleus at once. In fact electrons seem to be phantoms that don't really exist at all.

As we leave the electron cloud and move toward the nucleus we find that the distance is enormous. The actual atomic structure is mostly empty space. This means that al matter and energy is mostly empty space. It only appears full and solid. And this is because of what we find next as we zoom ever deeper into the protons and neutrons.

Each neutron and proton is actually made up of a fog of small sub-particles called quarks which themselves are made up if tiny packets of energy that resemble "strings". According to "String Theory" these string-like packets of energy are flitting in and out of our universe. In fact they actually exist in up to 11 dimensions at once. A recent discovery by a team of scientists and Fermilab in Illinois has uncovered what may be evidence that at the fundamental foundation of all reality, we see what resembles "pixelization" or a fuzziness to reality. It seems as though reality at the very small is ephemeral and non-real. It resembles a holographic image. Ongoing experiments are attempting to confirm this observation, but there are a growing number of physicists and others who see mounting evidence that our universe may actually be an enormous holographic image that only appears to be three-dimensional. If this is true, and I believe that it will be found to be true, then what we perceive as real is just a hologram - a moving picture of light.

Please watch the two videos below. Video one will acquaint you withe the scale of the very small - from the quark up to a "material" object we are all familiar with.

 This second video is critical to our lessons in God School. here we have scientists and philosophers discussing the nature of a holographic universe. Don't worry if this seems daunting at first. It is daunting for these scientists as well! Take your time and if you need to better understand a point, please back and watch it again. Eventually you will begin to understand the profound nature of what is being suggested here.

If we live in a holographic reality where light is the fundamental nature of reality which emanates from somewhere outside of our visible universal horizon then much of what we thought possible and impossible change dramatically. In fact we will find that thought and belief and consciousness and truth are all interconnected. We find that God is indeed the "Father of Lights"..and much much more. He is the supreme artist, programmer, scientist and magic-maker. And we live in a universe of unlimited possibility!!!

And one final video that I think you will find most enlightening! Scientific evidence that God is Real!
Watch and enjoy!!!

Next post:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fighting A Bad Sinus Infection

I was planning on continuing Lesson 1 this week however I've been dealing with a serious sinus infection for months and it's hitting me hard once again. I've received healing for it and I know that I have my healing - only that it hasn't manifested itself in our reality yet. Sometimes God uses medicine to heal as well as what people call miracles. I hope to have this thing licked soon. If I am feeling better soon I will pick up where I left off with the God School lessons. There is some fascinating material I have to share with you and I need to be clear of mind to do it justice.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Social Imagination: Consciousness matters... Every Thought Builds Real...

 Please visit (click on the title of) this post on my wife's blog. There is an excellent video about the holographic nature of reality that I will be getting to here very soon. I have a few differences with some of the content of the video, but in general it's very revealing information!

The Social Imagination: Consciousness matters... Every Thought Builds Real...: "The concept of universe does not require matter as something solid existing outside of social reality. The concept of universe is a..."


 The Universe of the Very Large

The reason we use maps is because we often need to find out where we are and were we are going. The same applies in life. It is critical to understand where you are in creation. Where are we in relation to God? To one another? To the universe around us? Where are YOU in God's creation?

Knowing where we really are will give us amazing insight and confidence that we are meant to be here and that we are all incredibly significant.  Knowing this will give you personal confidence that God wants you to flourish wherever you are!

Unfortunately too many people do not know where they are within this creation. They walk around all day with their heads looking toward the ground or their faces turned toward a television or computer screen. We may look up occasionally but all we see is sky...and at night, tiny points of light. But the truth of  where we are can only be found by looking at maps, and I have provided a series of amazing maps to help you find out exactly where you are.

There are three maps that we will use to accurately place ourselves in creation and in so doing, determine who we are and our significance and with that, the power and authority that God has endowed us all with.

Map One will place us in the large material universe. Map two will place us in the universe of the very very small. Map three will place us in the larger cosmos of potential multiple universes and the many dimensions of reality outside this material creation.

Don't be intimidated by any of this! You were given an incredibly complex and amazing brain so that you could understand God's universe. Now is the chance to use it! If you are having trouble, ask God to help you. God wants you to know where he has put you.

The first map is actually pair of videos showing where you are in relation to the material universe. Locating yourself in relation to the material creation is critical in accomplishing three things: 1) creating a sense of humility before God, 2) creating a sense of awesome wonder about God  and 3) creating a sense of amazement that you exist at all.

As you watch these two videos, understand that you will be tempted to assume that your size in relation to this enormous universe determines your significance. But nothing could be further from the truth! When we zoom out to behold the very very large or zoom in to behold the very very small you will see that we exist in the middle of both.

Never forget that the fact that you exist at all is evidence that you are incredibly significant!

Hebrews 2: 5-8

5We know that God did not put the future world under the power of angels.
6Somewhere in the Scriptures someone says to God,
   "What makes you care
   about us humans?
   Why are you concerned
   for weaklings such as we?
    7You made us lower
   than the angels
   for a while.
   Yet you have crowned us
   with glory and honor.  
[a] 8And you have put everything
   under our power!"

Although the human race long ago gave up the authority and power given to it, God came in human form two thousand years ago to give it all back to us. And now, because of this wonderful gift, we humans can once again act with power and authority in the universe that God has placed us in!

Please watch these two videos:

The first is called "Powers of Ten". Starting at 10 meters the camera will continually zoom out and each ring will be a power of 10 greater than the previous ring. At the end, the camera will zoom back down  from the very very large into the world of the very very small (the subject of our next blog) - down to some of the most elemental structures that underlay all of creation: quarks.

The second will give you a voice-guided tour of the scale of the material universe.

NEXT BLOG: Mapping Our Location in Creation, Part 2:

Monday, April 4, 2011


As you may have noticed by now,  I have an interesting motif in the background of this blog. You see rain and behind that you see a cloud-shrouded mountain. There is a reason for this beyond mere window dressing.  These two passages are the key:

Genesis 7:11-12

 11In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. 12And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. (KJV)

Malachi 3:10
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and put Me to the proof now herewith," saith the LORD of hosts, "if I will not open to you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (21st CKJV)

In scripture God's blessing is often described as "rain" being poured out from heaven through the "windows" of heaven. In the description of the Great Flood we see this metaphor first being used. This metaphor is repeated in Malachi 3 as material The Blessing of God. While this can be interpreted as actual rain on crops, it also has the multiple meaning of  the Blessing of Abraham and the New Covenant as well as God's Spirit being poured out on us. As in most passages, more than one meaning usually applies but is determined by the context. In Genesis it was actual rain water. In Malachi it is a material blessing. Later in the New Testament, rain from Heaven is used to describe the Holy Spirit being poured into people.
The Holy Spirit is a very creative author!

So the first lesson in God School is that God is very generous with his Blessing! Just as in the great flood, God always POURS out his Blessing. It is always a flood, not a trickle. If you are getting drips and a trickle instead of a flood, I have good news for you - God wants to pour out His generosity on you so that you will not be able to even contain it! It will overflow and flood everything! You will have so much you will have to give to others! If we keep our side of the covenant with him he will flood us with blessing. Both spiritual and material. God is never stingy!