Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where is all this going?

Some of you who may be wondering where all this talk of holograms and multiple dimensions and computational universes is going. "What relevance is this to my life?" you may be asking. Does any of this science matter to how I live my life and what does it mean to know any of this?

Let me ask you this question in return: What relevance does understanding the law of gravity mean to you? The answer is that it keeps you from foolishly jumping off a cliff or avoiding dangers. It helps you do things like playing basketball or learning to fly.

Understanding the nature of our reality plays an active role in how we live our lives. If we understand how compound interest works we can make money. If we understand how inertia works we can drive our cars safely. If we understand how the basics of how water flows we can create plumbing, waterfalls, etc. So, knowing how reality works - at least the basics - gives us the power to live creatively, safely and successfully in this world.

When it comes to the ideas that I've presented here the problem is that they can be so complex and seemingly so illogical and so detached from our everyday lives that they are rarely taught in school.  We therefore live our lives oblivious to them even though they affect us in very powerful and intimate ways.

God wants us to be able to dominate our environment and be successful and fruitful and full of joy. But can we be joyful when we are struggling to make ends meet? Can we be powerful when the world's system is constantly trying to rip that power from us? Can we be successful when it seems life is out to take away that success at every turn?

In short what all this is leading to is learning that God has given us power to make this universe work for us. We are here because he wants us to be successful, and fruitful and joyful. Clearly the world is missing something. It is full of misery and failure and fear. If you want to escape this worlds failed way of doing things you need to know hat your alternatives are. Well, God has provided the alternatives in the nature of the universe he's placed us in and in His  Word, he has given us information. And Information - if used - IS power. Power to liberate mankind from poverty and lack. Power to make dreams come true. Power to heal sickness and disease. Power to live long, healthy, fruitful, successful lives. Power to have joy in any situation.

In the beginning God made us to have dominion over the environment. Adam and Eve and their descendants were meant to rule and reign the earth and have all they needed. But Eve believed the lie that God was trying to short-change them and keep them from secrets that give make them the very thing that God had already given them. Lucifer, that wicked angel, wanted dominion over the world that God had taken from him when he rebelled. He wanted to be worshiped as God. Tricking us was how he intended to get his authority and power back. By handing over our dominion to him we also handed over our eternal life, our freedom, power, success, and joy. Instead we became slaves to ourselves and eventually slaves to other humans and to Lucifer and his evil system of ignorance and violence and fear. Being cut off from God meant we then had to find new sources to survive.We now had to operate from a foundation of lack and limitation. No longer were we connected to an inexhaustible supply of whatever we needed. The world grew up believing that taking from others and hoarding and enslaving others and being greedy was how one could "make a living" and escape the struggle of survival...and It still does.

But as we look around us today, that system is failing and crumbling.

From the very start God had a plan to get us out of this sad place. He came into our world Himself to teach us through example how it is done and what authority and power we have available to us. First, he had to make us uncorrupted and re-connect us with God who is the source of all life. He did that while being nailed to a tree and then showing us that death no longer had any hold over us by being resurrected in a human body. With incredible that act of love, we regained our connection to our Source and regained our authority for dominion, power, success, fruitfulness and joy.

Sadly most of the world is still living in the old system of survival and struggle and fear. They do so out of ignorance and unbelief. Up until recently even science was of no help, but in the last few decades discoveries in science have changed all that. What has been revealed is a universe designed for us to make our dreams come true! God wants us, his children, to be successful and prosperous in every aspect of our lives!

God wants us to be a a sign and hope that there is a better way. Struggle and lack and poverty and fear are unnecessary. We are meant to dominate the universe - not one another. In a holographic reality there is no limit to wealth and prosperity. God is infinite. Jesus demonstrated this principle over and over again, and he didn't do it to show off. he did it to teach us that in reality, whatever we need is available from God is we will just ask...and BELIEVE!

So, I am here to help you to believe. You are supposed to be wealthy and prosperous and successful in everything you do. You have the opportunity to change your life. So bear with me as I set the ground rules. It may seem complicated at times but you can understand it enough to realize that this is not is not wishful is not fantasy.  It is how the very fabric of reality and our minds were made to work. We need to renew our minds and start thinking and seeing things very differently than we have been taught from birth.

So, follow me as I take you into realms of possibilities undreamed of and show you the way to start living how God intended!

THAT, my friends, is were we are going!

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