Monday, April 18, 2011


Before I move into the realm of multiple dimensions, I've stumbled upon a series of animated videos that will introduce you to the weird world of Quantum Physics. Now, before you think "this is way above my head" and turn away, remember that this is the universe God has placed you in and he has given you a brain to understand it. Seek the Holy Spirit's help and use your brain. You can get this. But if it still seems hard to grasp, remember that physicists find it hard to grasp as well.

This first video describes what led to the discovery that the universe is behaving in a way that defies logic. It seems as though God is creating this reality and we are participating with him in this creation. This is because we are made in God's image and have the same innate abilities he does. The famous "Double-Slit Experiment" demonstrates this participatory principle.

As if that weirdness wasn't enough, there is more. Not only do particles behave the way we want them to, but they are entangled with one another. Another defiance of logic, and yet this is how reality actually behaves.

And now that we've entered the realm of quantum weirdness and are about to enter the even more strange cosmos of multiple dimensionality, lets let Dr. Quantum show is Flatland - a world of openly two dimensions. This will help prepare us for locating ourselves in this 11 dimension cosmos with ourselves in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Enjoy!

After seeing that I hope you will see why God is able to be closer to us than we are to ourselves. We see how it's possible for Jesus to walk through walls and for some of the early believers to be taken from one location on Earth to another instantly without traveling the distance. We can see how perhaps angels see us. We should see ourselves this way too and know that when we leave this hologram of limited dimensional experience (what we call "death") we will see what is really possible and what "reality" really is - just a slice of a larger dimensional reality...just like this Flatlander did!


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