Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to God School

Give Praise to God! 

On this day and at this precise moment in time and space I begin my ministry which I have long awaited. By the favor and grace of God, I now initiate this ministry which has the goal of education and inspiring followers of Jesus and those still looking for answers, to find the power and confidence to change their lives and the lives of all those around them. 

Through cutting edge science and the Word of God, I will endeavor to educate and empower you to realize the incredible opportunity for victory over the world, the flesh and the devil on a daily basis. This ability, knowledge and wisdom will empower the body of Christ to demonstrate in very practical ways God's gift of His Spoken Word and the ability to use this holographic universe creation to bring the Kingdom of God into this lost and dark world.

The world is following a course of failure and defeat where most people believe that wealth is a limited resource and where prosperity of mind, spirit, soul and body are things that we can only hope for. Most people live their lives chasing down their dreams only to never find them. Many act through the false notion that they must go out and grab what they want - sometimes through selfish and less than ethical means. While others use politics to stir up feelings of envy and covetousness to try and use force to redistribute the wealth of others.

What I will be teaching here is that these methods of trying to obtain your dreams are wasteful, pointless counterproductive and, in fact completely unnecessary.

I will be using God's own Words and modern science to show that God has made the creation of wealth and prosperity quite a simple thing that requires on this: Faith in God's Word as Truth, Wisdom about the way the universe is constructed to function in regard to this and having patience for outcomes. Even though these three things may sound simple, most of us have been brainwashed by many years of false ideas and crippled understanding of what power we really have in this life.

But what is most difficult for most people to believe is that God WANTS everyone to prosper in all things. Most people flatly deny this because they have been taught differently, they have no experience with this  and they have a secret anger at God for not automatically giving them their dreams. Most people feel stripped and bereft of influence and power over their own lives.  Some think that they must take away from others to have something and thus we have crime. We will discover that it is not taking that gives us what we want but giving.

We will find that all of mans attempts to create an equitable economic system have failed precisely because they are all based on envy, faithlessness, disbelief and fear.

I invite you to cross the threshold of disbelief and ignorance and fear and enter a new world brimming with unbirthed possibilities. My wife, Elayne and I will be introducing you to amazing and thought provoking concepts and ideas that will challenge your false view of reality and give you a wider vision of what is possible in your life the lives of your family and friends and ultimately in your community and world.

Jesus said He came to give life to us and to give it in great abundance. If this is what you desire then you have come to the right place because that is what this ministry is all about! Abundant, fulfilled and empowered Living!

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