Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 The Universe of the Very Large

The reason we use maps is because we often need to find out where we are and were we are going. The same applies in life. It is critical to understand where you are in creation. Where are we in relation to God? To one another? To the universe around us? Where are YOU in God's creation?

Knowing where we really are will give us amazing insight and confidence that we are meant to be here and that we are all incredibly significant.  Knowing this will give you personal confidence that God wants you to flourish wherever you are!

Unfortunately too many people do not know where they are within this creation. They walk around all day with their heads looking toward the ground or their faces turned toward a television or computer screen. We may look up occasionally but all we see is sky...and at night, tiny points of light. But the truth of  where we are can only be found by looking at maps, and I have provided a series of amazing maps to help you find out exactly where you are.

There are three maps that we will use to accurately place ourselves in creation and in so doing, determine who we are and our significance and with that, the power and authority that God has endowed us all with.

Map One will place us in the large material universe. Map two will place us in the universe of the very very small. Map three will place us in the larger cosmos of potential multiple universes and the many dimensions of reality outside this material creation.

Don't be intimidated by any of this! You were given an incredibly complex and amazing brain so that you could understand God's universe. Now is the chance to use it! If you are having trouble, ask God to help you. God wants you to know where he has put you.

The first map is actually pair of videos showing where you are in relation to the material universe. Locating yourself in relation to the material creation is critical in accomplishing three things: 1) creating a sense of humility before God, 2) creating a sense of awesome wonder about God  and 3) creating a sense of amazement that you exist at all.

As you watch these two videos, understand that you will be tempted to assume that your size in relation to this enormous universe determines your significance. But nothing could be further from the truth! When we zoom out to behold the very very large or zoom in to behold the very very small you will see that we exist in the middle of both.

Never forget that the fact that you exist at all is evidence that you are incredibly significant!

Hebrews 2: 5-8

5We know that God did not put the future world under the power of angels.
6Somewhere in the Scriptures someone says to God,
   "What makes you care
   about us humans?
   Why are you concerned
   for weaklings such as we?
    7You made us lower
   than the angels
   for a while.
   Yet you have crowned us
   with glory and honor.  
[a] 8And you have put everything
   under our power!"

Although the human race long ago gave up the authority and power given to it, God came in human form two thousand years ago to give it all back to us. And now, because of this wonderful gift, we humans can once again act with power and authority in the universe that God has placed us in!

Please watch these two videos:

The first is called "Powers of Ten". Starting at 10 meters the camera will continually zoom out and each ring will be a power of 10 greater than the previous ring. At the end, the camera will zoom back down  from the very very large into the world of the very very small (the subject of our next blog) - down to some of the most elemental structures that underlay all of creation: quarks.

The second will give you a voice-guided tour of the scale of the material universe.

NEXT BLOG: Mapping Our Location in Creation, Part 2:

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