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Thanks to God!
It seems my sinus infection is subsiding and now I'm able to post my blog without feeling like I have to pass out. I know I have my healing, but sometimes is takes time to manifest itself. Not everything happens instantly. In fact most things don't happen instantly. It has been said that time is a away for the universe to prevent everything from happening at once. In fact what we experience and call "Time" is actually merely an experience...a perception. It is though we are experiencing a flip-book animation (we call reality). It seems that things are moving and there is a consistent flow of moment to moment - where all moments are just a segment of a larger real experience, but in fact reality is actually tiny tiny fragments called plank lengths. So time is reality an illusion, There is no then and now and later. There is only "Now". And this is what God experiences. Just a "Now". "Time" exists for our benefit so we can experience cause and effect and evolve ourselves into that which God has desired for each of us. Of course each of us chooses to make that journey or not, but evolving character is the purpose of this life. And as we use "time" and it's benefits, we either become more like God or not. This, then is the reality of God School.
We have been in class since we were born.
But not everyone chooses to graduate.

The lessons of Time and it's reality will be discussed in a later blog. This time I want to continue to show you where we are in this amazing universe.
In the last segment you were asked to watch two videos that demonstrated very graphically where we are in scale to the very large. Now lets go in the other direction. Down to the the smallest of the smallest. Down to the universe of the tiny. Although the the trip to the edge of the visible universe can leave one feeling insignificant and tiny and absolutely dwarfed, it cannot tell us who or what we are. This revelation can only be found when we look down down down to the very fabric of reality itself. Much like viewing a large pointillist painting from across the room , you see an amazing picture of color and shadow and substance and a context that is human and understandable. But as you move closer...and closer...and begin to notice that not only is the context dissolving along with the colors and shadows and substances...but you begin to suspect that the nature of what you were observing was illusion. In fact when you get very close to the canvas you notice that the reality is that the painting is merely a collection of colored dots that seem irreducibly random. The beautiful human scene is completely gone and in it's place is a jumble of points. This is both very unsettling for it means that the nature of the larger image is just illusion, and yet it is comforting to realize that these points were not placed there randomly but quite intentionally and carefully planned by someone who saw this entire larger contextual scene in his imagination before brush was ever applied to canvas.

When we were in school we all learned that the world is made up of atoms. We learned that an atom is made up of three things: electrons, neutrons and protons. We learned that the protons and neutrons form the nucleus of all atoms. We learned that the electrons are tiny little balls that whiz around the nucleus made up of these neutrons and protons. But like the pointillist painting, this reality is an illusion. These objects are not really objects at all but are made up of even tinier sub-particles called "Quarks" which themselves are made up of packets of energy that wiggle and flit about moving in and out of multiple dimensions. In fact the electrons which we see whizzing about the nucleus are not actually small balls at all but a fuzzy "cloud" of energy that seems to be in all places simultaneously. Zooming into this cloud we notice that its only fuzzy because the electrons are actually flitting in and out of our universe and appearing in two different places around the nucleus at once. In fact electrons seem to be phantoms that don't really exist at all.

As we leave the electron cloud and move toward the nucleus we find that the distance is enormous. The actual atomic structure is mostly empty space. This means that al matter and energy is mostly empty space. It only appears full and solid. And this is because of what we find next as we zoom ever deeper into the protons and neutrons.

Each neutron and proton is actually made up of a fog of small sub-particles called quarks which themselves are made up if tiny packets of energy that resemble "strings". According to "String Theory" these string-like packets of energy are flitting in and out of our universe. In fact they actually exist in up to 11 dimensions at once. A recent discovery by a team of scientists and Fermilab in Illinois has uncovered what may be evidence that at the fundamental foundation of all reality, we see what resembles "pixelization" or a fuzziness to reality. It seems as though reality at the very small is ephemeral and non-real. It resembles a holographic image. Ongoing experiments are attempting to confirm this observation, but there are a growing number of physicists and others who see mounting evidence that our universe may actually be an enormous holographic image that only appears to be three-dimensional. If this is true, and I believe that it will be found to be true, then what we perceive as real is just a hologram - a moving picture of light.

Please watch the two videos below. Video one will acquaint you withe the scale of the very small - from the quark up to a "material" object we are all familiar with.

 This second video is critical to our lessons in God School. here we have scientists and philosophers discussing the nature of a holographic universe. Don't worry if this seems daunting at first. It is daunting for these scientists as well! Take your time and if you need to better understand a point, please back and watch it again. Eventually you will begin to understand the profound nature of what is being suggested here.

If we live in a holographic reality where light is the fundamental nature of reality which emanates from somewhere outside of our visible universal horizon then much of what we thought possible and impossible change dramatically. In fact we will find that thought and belief and consciousness and truth are all interconnected. We find that God is indeed the "Father of Lights"..and much much more. He is the supreme artist, programmer, scientist and magic-maker. And we live in a universe of unlimited possibility!!!

And one final video that I think you will find most enlightening! Scientific evidence that God is Real!
Watch and enjoy!!!

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